Blue Gold 6WAY Blend
Blue Gold 6WAY Blend
Blue Gold 6WAY Blend

Blue Gold 6WAY Blend

The Farm on Central

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BlueGold® 6-Way Blend Injectable Mineral (3 lb Can)


Most fertilizers ignore several key minerals that are essential for true plant vigor, as well as are full of salts. BlueGold® 6-Way Blend is a highly refined, injectable mineral powder designed for advanced agricultural applications that includes amino as a nitrogen source. This OMRI-listed product focuses on enhancing soil nutrition through a finely processed blend of key minerals in a way that is readily available for plants. Here at the farm on Central, we inject these powders on a weekly basis and have seen stellar results. We calculate that this has replaced 10x the quantity of "conventional organic" fertilizer due to the micronized grind.

Unique Features:

The product stands out due to its ultra-fine grind, down to an impressive 0-3 microns granularity, ensuring better solubility and absorption by soil systems. (That is 1/4th of a human hair)

Key Ingredients:

  1. Aragonite: Provides essential calcium, benefiting soil structure and nutrient availability.
  2. Phosphate: Vital for plant energy transfer, enhancing growth and root development.
  3. Carbon: Improves organic matter in the soil, fostering a conducive environment for beneficial microbial activity.
  4. Quartz Silica: Offers structural benefits to plants, increasing resilience against stress and disease.
  5. Humate: Enhances nutrient uptake and water retention, contributing to overall plant health.
  6. Nitrogen: A fundamental nutrient for plant growth, crucial for protein synthesis and energy processes.


A little goes a long way! Designed for versatility in application methods, the 6-Way Blend can be used via foliar sprays, fertigation, or direct soil amendment. It’s essential to consult soil and sap analysis to tailor the application rates effectively. Add up to 2 tablespoons per gallon for a drench. Up to 8 lbs per acre, per application by injection or foliar. Individual plants 3-5 tbsp sprinkled in the soil around the plant and work gently in. Larger Trees, 1-2 cups along the dripline. Product comes in a 3# can.


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Blue Gold 6WAY Blend

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